Zirc will help you:

1) organize your work
2) increase productivity
3) store inventory
4) create an attractive work environment
5) minimize stress

Colour marking:

1) is the most efficient way for organizing work
2) arranges the procedure, creates less of a mess
3) creates an efficient work environment
4) provides clear information without having to read labels or sort through materials

Dental care storage boxes have an important part in the provision of effective dental care service. Think of this box as a portative drawer. Not only can you store materials needed for a procedure in it, but you can also transport products from the warehouse and/or sterilization room to the cabinet in this box. Materials used during a procedure shall be handed to the doctor right from the box, this keeps the tray and cassettes free of instruments. The Zirc TUB system helps reduce inventory by preventing expiration of materials and allows for more effective workflow during all procedures.

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