TMD Manual functional diagnosis & Aqua splint therapy

TMD Manual functional diagnosis & Aqua splint therapy

Lektor: Prof. Dr. Aladin Sabbagh

1989 Certification as oral surgeon
1993 Certification as a specialist in orthodontics (Munich)
1996 EU/USA patent, SUS²: the Sabbagh Universal Spring
2002 EU/USA patent, Aqua Splint / TMD
2005 Chairman of the BDK (German Association of Orthodontics in Bavaria).
Honorary Professor and various other awards for international outstanding merits in many countries, member of the Editorial Board of Quintessenz publishing, IOS and AEO Prag.
Lecturer since 1991 at several national and international Universities


This course demonstrates the diagnostics and therapy in practical steps supported by treated cases and scientific evidence.


  • Fast initial diagnostic of TMD using manual functional diagnosis
  • Simplified differential diagnosis of TMD using the Aqua Splint
  • Treatment rules
  • The clicking phenomenon: Consequence of malocclusion? Therapy necessary?
  • Indication, use and management of the Aqua Splint (with demonstration)
  • Manual / physiotherapy exercises as accompaning therapy
  • What comes after the splint? Is occlusal rehabilitation an absolute must?
  • Preprosthetic / preorthodontic bite determination using the Aqua Splint
  • Avoiding iatrogenic TMD during dental / orthodontic treatment
  • When are imagine techniques (MRT / CT / DVT etc.) indicated?
  • Contraindication, failure, relapses
  • Current forensic and financial aspects

TMJ screening is essential for an effective TMD treatment and before any occlusal rehabilitation for prophylactic, therapeutic, prognostic and forensic reasons; this can be simply carried out by the manual function diagnostics.
Due to the self-adjusting function of AquaSplint a quick help, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and the determination of the centric relation can be achieved in a short treatment period, further the AquaSplint – which is a prefabricated water pads- can be immediately and individually adapted and applied without impressions, bite registration or grinding.

Loeng toimub:

17. novembril 2018

12:00 – 17.00

Radisson BLU Hotel Olümpia konverentsikeskuses

Liivalaia 33, Tallinn


Osalustasu: kuni 18. oktoobrini  60.00

Osalustasu alates 19. oktoobrist: 72.00

Osalustasu hambaravitudengitele: 48.00

Osalustasu assistendile (osalemisel koos arstiga): 48.00

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