Veebinar: Adhesion – how, what, with and why?

Webinar 12.03.2021 information


In this lecture trainer look into details and possibilities of luting indirect materials for instance to tooth tissue. Dentin is a very complex substance for a long term stable adhesion but it is not impossible to achieve. Starting point are the adhesive principles of dentistry.

Ceramics create, in spite of what may/might be thought, less of a challenge on condition of following the correct technical procedures. Every material requests its own specific treatment. The correct way to treat a substrate makes complicated adhesive (luting-) procedures much easier.

Learning goals:

  • how to adhere to a substrate micro-mechanical as well as chemical.
  • how and with which materials a surface can be prepared for adhesion.
  • the characteristics of 10-MDP monomer.
  • the distinction between the different dental ceramics.


Patrick Van Looy has been working in the dental industry for about 33 years. He joined the Kuraray-Noritake Company in 2003. In his function Patrick has been training sales representatives, students, dental technicians, dentists and university staff-members on the Kuraray-Noritake technologies and chemistry. His passion is to explain rather complex matters in a comprehensible language and to give the different target audiences the right tools for the best decisions on materials and protocols.